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    The Atlanta Christian Media Group was formed in 1994 by our President, Don Stone. 

     He was formerly General Manager for Love 86, WAEC Radio for 15 years before leaving to work full time in publishing and other media. 
     During those years at WAEC, he made numerous contacts at several other Christian radio stations in the Atlanta area. 
     Many of the Atlanta station managers, sales managers, music or program directors and local TV news, weather and sports personalities got their start in radio working for him earlier in their careers. Many of his former clients also stayed in touch seeking advice on advertising, like they had done while he was General Manager.

      So, Don started putting the two together. Showing them what each station did well and, in some cases, where other stations might be more effective...analyzing the client's marketing needs, budgets and demographics, then showing them the best radio stations, websites or publications to advertise in.

       His primary goal was to make sure that their limited budgets were put to the best use and to give the pastor or business owner a shortcut to the most effective use of those dollars, freeing them up to do what they do best. 
      Once the station or publication is selected, he handles all aspects including writing copy, typesetting, scheduling and bookkeeping. 
The bonus is that there is absolutely no charge to the client! 
      The best thing is that there is no extra charge to the business or church for providing this service beyond the cost of the advertising itself.
     The stations and various media compensate the Atlanta Christian Media Group for bringing them new business.

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   Call 770-381-1110
or email
to find out more