One of the most appealing Inspirational artists to emerge in the millennial era is the affable and anointed Todd Dulaney. His charming smile and churchy anthems are totally in sync with what the saints want...authentic worshippers. His project, Your Great Name, was in the top 10 on Billboard's Gospel Music charts Sunday morning music mixed with majestic favor.

  The most recent To Africa With Love Includes the Top 10 hit, You're Doing It All Again.

  Without question, it's the sound of new millennium ministry put to contemporary Christian music. Dulaney recently gave an exclusive interview with and discussed his shaky transition from a retired professional baseball player to a rising music star, shining for Jesus.

First off, let's roll back the clock for a minute to the album A Worshipper's Heart. Did you think that Victory Belongs To Jesus would become the hit song from the album?

  Not me. I thought it was a good song, I thought it was a strong song, but everybody else around me was like, 'Dude, this is your song.' So, it caught me by surprise.

I noticed that you did win best new Gospel artist from Billboard Magazine in 2016 so congratulations on that. There's a wave of new artists that are representing Gospel music in the new millennium, like Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, Anthony Brown, Tasha're a part of that new breed of artists.
I describe it as a fresh, anointed,
new sound for the millennial generation.

   I can feel it. I think we all can feel it, that we're being embraced. Like you said, it's our season. For whatever reason, we have a fresh wind that's pushing us forward and everybody is like, "we want to hear more."
  Just 4 years ago, it was harder, but right now, we seem to be right in the middle of this whole shift. And the great thing about it is that the people that have been the gatekeepers, artists we looked up to in Gospel music are supporting us, artists like Tye Tribbet and Kirk Franklin. They're encouraging us. So, it feels great.

Is there one person, a recording artist,
that you would call your brother?

  Yeah, Travis Greene is my brother. He's somebody that I talk to all the time and we share everything. We're not just industry buddies. We let it all hang out when we're around each other. There's no artistry when we're together. It's just straight friendship.

That song, Your Great Name, is FIRE.
How did you compose the song?
And did you know this would be the title
for the new album?

  Let me start with the second half of your question. One would have to get credit for the title of the album. The label switched the title to Your Great Name because the song was so strong. When I wrote this song, my whole objective was to write the biggest anthem in the church. I wanted the drums to be huge. I wanted you to feel the energy. So, I wrote the lyrics and most of the music and then I sent it over to my producer, Jamal Kimbrough, and he added many of the elements to the end of the song, making it so crazy! Once we were done, I said, "This song is really big."

You honed your craft as a Worship artist,
at Victory Cathedral Church where Smokie Norful is the senior pastor,
serving as a Worship Leader.

  Who I really am in my heart is just a Worship leader. Everyone calls me a recording artist but I'm just a Worship leader. Even at my concerts, all I'm doing is leading worship. Leading worship completely prepared me for this because I don't change up anything. I just do exactly what I would do on Sunday morning. I just stand up before the people and try my best to point them towards Jesus. There's no way I can lose doing that.