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  Make Room for God 

By Lisa Bevere

  Do you ever just feel so busy you don't even know what to do? If I'm not careful, my schedule can get out of control - and fast. I'm sure you know the feeling. It seems every other commercial on television or online depicts someone who has their life more put together than I do. All day long, we are bombarded with subtle messages telling us to do more and be more things to more people in more ways. It's exhausting.

  As a culture, we are overloaded and distracted. How much time have you spent on social media today? How about your phone? How about in front of a computer? In today's world, distraction is par for the course - and it is robbing us of a deeper relationship with God.

  Years ago, I asked God to increase my hunger for Him. His response to me marked a turning point in my life.

  At the time, I was an exhausted young mother of four children living in survival mode. John was on the road preaching a majority of the time, and I felt absolutely overwhelmed. I knew that I needed help - that to get through this season, I needed more of God's presence in my life - so I began to pray that He would increase my hunger for Him.

  Then one day, while writing in my journal, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "Lisa, if you are not hungry for Me, it is because your life is too full of other things."

  To develop a hunger for Him, I would have to fast. At the time I was nursing, so I didn't fast food, but I did lay aside the distractions...the things I picked up when I felt lonely, bored, hurt, or angry. If I truly wanted more of God, I would have to begin to let these things go and make room.

  I turned off the TV, the novels, and the magazines.

  I put down my phone and stopped answering it every time it rang.

  I began to allow the discomfort of being a young mother, often home alone due to John's travels, to drive me into God's presence.

  It wasn't easy, but looking back, I know it was a pivot point for me. That was more than twenty years ago, but it set my life on a different trajectory - one where I first and foremost looked to God for what I needed instead of quick fixes to get me through the day.

  I don't know what stage of life you find yourself in. Maybe you are working your way through school. Perhaps you are newly married or a recent parent trying to figure things out. Some of you may be deep in the trenches of marriage and raising children, and still others of you might have kids who are grown who now have kids of their own.

  But regardless of where you find yourself, know this: You are not alone in the challenges of your season, and you need God's presence in your life to do your season well. And if you are anything like I was, that means you'll need to make some sacrifices.

  I realize the distractions of today exceed my ability to have even imagined them back then, but I encourage you to make some intentional choices and make room for God. If you aren't hungry for God, maybe it's time you stop for a moment and ask Him, "Where am I trying to fill my desire for You with other things?"

  Like the woman at the well, we often try to drink from wells that don't satisfy - and we need to come back to the one who offers us living water and drink deeply. Jesus told her:

 "Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."  - John 4:13-14 ESV

  Friend, Jesus is the source of all your life. Years from now, having a perfect house won't matter, that new Netflix series will be a thing of the distant past, the likes you got on social media will have lost their luster, and the time you spent glued to a phone will be shown for the waste of time that it is.

  You, friend, are the gatekeeper of your world. Choose carefully what you allow in. As you remove the distractions and make room for God, you will recover the hunger He meant to lead you into the secret place of His presence, where you will find what you need.

from www.messengerintrnational.org

Watch an interview with Lisa Bevere about her new book, "Without Rival"

Click Here

Book Review
"Without Rival"
by Lisa Bevere

Looking Fruitful Or Being Fruitful 

  "Without Rival" by Lisa Bevere is a marvelous book looking at what it means to be a woman of God without rival. I always enjoy Lisa Bevere's books as, not only are they full of godly truths, but also full of common sense. Lisa Bevere talks about things that I really should know but need reminding of.

  Lisa talks about how God does not love us equally but uniquely. If we were equally loved, it would mean we were replaceable - and we're not.
  "I don't love my children equally. I love them uniquely." As earthly parents we love our children uniquely too, none of them are replaceable. To quote St Augustine "God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us."

  We also need to know whose we are. If we know that we belong to God, we can feel secure, knowing we are loved without rival. It is not just enough to know about God, we need to know Him. We also need to remember not only to talk to God but to be quiet and listen to Him.
  "There is a vast difference between talking about God and listening to a God who talks to you."

  There is a section on dreams. We are never too old to dream. If God places a dream in your heart, chase after it, pursue it. Never be put off by man. "It is far better to know God than to be known by man."

  Lisa Bevere shows the importance of us all pulling together. If we see each other as rivals and there is no unity, then we are doing the devil's work for him. "The more we do his (Satan's) work, the less he has to do." Work with other Christians and not against them.

  There is a section on the importance of being a woman. Women were never meant to be second class citizens to men. God created man and woman to be equal but different. Lisa Bevere gives stories of brave Christian women, including the woman at the well. Their stories inspire the reader. We should not fear man but we should have a healthy fear of God who has the power over life and death.

  The book discusses the depth of our faith. Do we have a deep faith? Or a wishing well faith? Are we drawing closer to God? Or just paying lip service?

  We are all subject to attacks from the enemy. We are all in a spiritual battle. If the enemy can get us to focus on our past, then we will not be looking forward into the future God has planned for us. We need to learn from the lessons of our past and remember that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

  There is a chapter on love as described in 1 Corinthians: 13. We are to love like that. We are never meant to judge people. We are meant to love them and leave any judging or changing in God's hands.

  Once again Lisa Bevere has produced a fabulous book designed to help the reader in their walk with God. At the end of each chapter are some questions to help the reader look inside themselves and to draw closer to god in their own personal walk.

  A wonderful read. Highly recommended.

from www.christianbookaholic.com


One Thing She'd Change About Marriage to John 

 By Lisa Bevere

  Recently, John and I did a joint question-and-answer session on marriage. As the session closed, this big question came up. "After more than thirty years of marriage is there anything that you would have done differently?" This one fell to me to answer. I took a deep breath and confessed, "I would have allowed John the right to make more mistakes, and I would have loved him more fearlessly."

  It was as though a ripple traveled through the crowd. From where I sat I saw men and women hurriedly wipe away tears; there were many deep sighs and silent nods. Fear is the greatest rival of love ... equal in intensity and deadly in its capacity to corrupt.

  I refused to love John fearlessly because I was afraid. In an attempt to protect myself, I began to reclaim large portions of the real estate of my heart. In the first few years of our marriage, I learned that John had brought a struggle with porn into our relationship. (John and I have been very open about this.) Forgetting how merciful John had been with me when it came to my past, I pulled away from him. Somehow Jesus' admonishment to forgive as we have been forgiven had disappeared with the revelation of John's sin.
  I lived in fear and shamed him as he struggled to get free with little or no support from me. This was not approached as our challenge ... it was his. Part of the reason I did not help was because I was beginning to feel the weight of my own past bear down on me and consequently believed I didn't deserve any better than what I was experiencing. On some level judging him made me feel safe. If he didn't change, I didn't have to forgive him.

  One night in all of my anger and brokenness I cried out to God, "I will forgive him when he changes."

  As far as I was concerned, all trust was broken between John and me, and I didn't want to be disappointed yet again. God answered my declaration with a question:

  "Do you trust me, Lisa?"


  "Good. I need you to forgive John so he can change."

  He even gave me the words to say: "I believe you want to change and I forgive you."

  This was in stark contrast to my normal script, which read, "I will believe you are sorry when you change."

  This way of thinking was so far removed from anything I had known that I knew it was God leading me. When I extended this unconditional mercy to John, the healing began for both of us. He was able to move out of the darkness of shame and into the light, where he found freedom from his bondage. This shift in perspective was a turning point. I could trust the unchangeable God.

  Fearless love is not based on the performance of a person but on the loving faithfulness of God. When I confess my sins and struggles to the Father in Jesus' name, I am never shamed. He believes my future will be better.

  God is love. Love is eternal. Love never fails. Nothing entrusted to love is ever lost, and nothing birthed out of love well ever die. But there are some places that love does not grow; love cannot flourish in the company of its rival, fear. Fear has an end - actually, fear is a dead end. Fear is an ungodly spirit that leads to torment. Fear advises from its seat in the shadow of doubt, while love draws its wisdom from the light of faith. If you heed the counsel of fear for too long, you will fail.

  Perhaps you've struggled to love those around you despite their shortcomings. If you're like me, it can sometimes be a struggle to give love until you see change. But I want to encourage you to give love before it's deserved or warranted. It is only when we embrace God's fearless, undeserved, unfathomable love for us that we are changed - and it is only when we extend this fearless love to others that we give them room to do the same.
  Beloved, embrace the unrivaled love of God and watch your world transform around you.'

from www.charisma.com


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 Read another feature from our E-Blast Newsletter on Lisa Bevere - Click Here
"Lizzy the Lioness"

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help! Encourage your little ones with the true meaning of bravery through the beautiful story of Lizzy the Lioness by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere.
Boys and girls will love the story of Lizzy, a little lion who must learn what it truly means to be brave in the face of hard things. When she sees someone in danger, Lizzy tries her best to help, but she quickly learns that sometimes being brave means asking adults for help. With a unique spin on the concept of bravery, Lizzy the Lioness is a timely picture book in an ever-changing world. Children will see that bravery is so much more than big muscles or loud roars.
"Without Rival:
Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison"

You are a daughter without rival, serving a God without rival, called to a destiny without rival. It's time to step forward into a life...without rival. In Without Rival, you'll learn how to make the deep connections you long for with your Creator - connections that hold the promise of true identity and intimacy. With biblically sound teaching filled with prophetic insight for our day, Lisa uses humor and passion to challenge you to:
Flip rivalry so it brings out the best in you, Stop hiding from conversations you need to be a part of, Answer the argument that says women are unfit, Dismantle gender rivalry and work with the men in your life.
Includes questions for personal reflection and small group discussion, plus additional questions designed for use with Insights to a Life Without Rival video sessions.

"Girls With Swords"

Be empowered to live confidently by returning to the biblical model of feminine strength! Drawing on the many references to swords throughout Scripture, Bevere reveals a paradigm that will impact every aspect of your self-identity, spiritual awareness, relationships, and life mission. Equip yourself to boldly face the challenges in today's world! Softcover.

"Lioness Arising:
Wake Up and
Change Your World"

"The Story of Marriage"

God designed marriage to be a loving, lifelong covenant that joins together a man and a woman. Have we lost touch with his original plan? Inviting you to rediscover the divine story of your sacred union, John and Lisa Bevere share personal insights, daily devotions, discussion questions, and tools for building your dream relationship.

"Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Steals
Your Strength"

(Last Month: #5)

What's your kryptonite?
For so many Christians, frustration and fatigue set in as they try time and again to get free from what holds them back. God never intended for it to be this way. He destined you to be victorious in every area of your life, and more than that, He gives you the power to overcome whatever comes against you. In his new book Killing Kryptonite, best-selling author John Bevere opens up about his own story, revealing key biblical truths that moved him from a life of struggle to a life of breakthrough. You can enjoy a life of intimacy and connection with God. You can have a vibrant, powerful faith that impacts the world around you. But first, you have to face off with spiritual kryptonite. This book is not for the faint of heart. But if you're ready to embrace a journey of radical transformation, this message is for you. Are you ready to kill your kryptonite and step into the life you were born for? Includes discussion


"Driven By Eternity:
Make Your Life Count
Today and Forever"

(Last Month: #3)

How would you live if you discovered that the next 24 hours would determine your future? Would you intentionally direct your actions or let the chips fall where they may? In this 6-session study, Bevere blends allegory with Scripture to show how the choices we make today have an eternal impact. Includes discussion questions.

"Good Or God?
Why Good Without God 
Isn't Enough"

These days the terms good and God seem synonymous. We believe what's generally accepted as good must be in line with God's will. Generosity, humility, justice―good. Selfishness, arrogance, cruelty―evil. The distinction seems pretty straightforward. But is that all there is to it? If good is so obvious, why does the Bible say that we need discernment to recognize it? Good or God? isn't another self-help message. This book will do more than ask you to change your behavior. It will empower you to engage with God on a level that will change every aspect of your life.

"Holy Spirit"

The Holy Spirit is often the least understood---and most ignored---person of the Trinity. Who is he? What is his mission? And how is he involved in your life? Bevere's interactive study reveals the personality of the Spirit, his language, three levels of relationship with him, and more. Includes daily devotions and discussion questions. 232 pages, softcover from Messenger International.

"The Bait of Satan
20th Anniversary Edition"

Are you ensnared by bitterness, seized by anger, or held captive by resentment . . . all because someone has offended you? Bevere shows you how to escape Satan's grip, avoid a victim mentality, practice forgiveness, experience reconciliation, and remain free in Christ. This special edition features testimonies from readers whose lives have been changed. 288 pages, softcover from Charisma.




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