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Lauren Daigle

Declares What God Says About Her in
Look Up Child

~ By Jeannie Law , Christian Post ~

  Lauren Daigle released her first album in three years and in her blockbuster single from the album, "You Say," the young singer dispels self-doubt by declaring what God says about her.
  "You Say" had the highest entrance on Christian Airplay in 2018 The anthem had the best start for a non-holiday solo female artist in over eight years. In the song, Daigle admits having to fight the lies in her head to believe what God says about her.
  The song skyrocketed to #1 in only its second week on Billboard's Contemporary Christian Music charts and remains there months later. The song has also received regular airplay on Top 40 stations like Star94 in Atlanta.
  "You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing/ You say I am strong when I think I am weak/ You say I am held when I am falling short/ When I don't belong, oh You say I am Yours/And I believe, oh I believe/ What You say of me," she sings in the chorus.
  And all that success lead to industry recognition. "You Say" was a Grammy winner for Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. "Look Up Child" was Grammy winner for Best Contemporary Christian Album. It was Lauren's first ever Grammys.
  "These are the moments you dream of," Daigle said. "I thank (co-writer) Paul Mabury who has been a champion of mine since the beginning," she said at the awards ceremony. "I want to thank Jason Ingram. He has poured a lot of heart and soul into this as well. This record just came out of a season of realizing we just need to look up. I love that music gives us the opportunity to look up and spread love to the whole world."
  Daigle recently sat down with Billboard to talk about the heart behind her full-length album, titled Look Up Child and the success of the single.
  "'You Say' was written at a time when I felt like things were getting away from me and, honestly, I was feeling overwhelmed," Daigle told Billboard. "This song became my anchor and my rock and it gave me truth. I hope it does the same for anyone that hears it."
  "I knew this would be a song of my identity," she continued. "'You say I am loved.' That's the truth."
In an earlier podcast interview with Billboard's Nashville-based country, Christian and gospel chart manager Jim Asker, Daigle shared some of the inspiration behind the 12 of the 13 tracks she co-wrote for the new album.
  "I want this to be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again. In the time of making this record, I had to remember who I was as a child. I want people to reflect on, 'The innocence of my childhood ... how do I see myself through those eyes again? How do I love myself like that again? Where's that joy? Where's that hope?'" she said of Look Up Child.
  The new project follows her successful 2015 debut LP, How Can It Be. The first album spent 188 weeks on Billboard's Top Christian Albums and counting.
  On the podcast, the Lafayette, Louisiana, native also touched on being a Christian singer and her experience of working with people outside her genre.
  The 26-year-old joined country superstar Reba McEntire at the 52nd annual Academy of Country Music Awards last year for an unforgettable rendition of McEntire's hit song, "Back to God."
  "I don't shy away from singing about my faith," Daigle said. "I think it conveys honesty, and people see authenticity. More people are going to relate to my music if it's sincere. I believe that wholeheartedly. That's how you reach people that might not have felt that [the Christian genre] was their home before."
  Centricity Music's newest artist more than lived up to the high expectations for her first single, "Trust In You." The song reached No. 1 on Billboard's Contemporary Christian music charts. It was named "Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year" at the Dove Awards. It followed on the heels of the title track from  "How Can It Be" which also made the top 5.
  A follow up Deluxe Edition of the CD won three Dove Awards including "Songwriter of the Year" at the 48th Annual Dove Awards.
  A third hit from "How Can It Be" also charted with "O Lord."
She's been very busy, picking up another Dove Award as the vocalist on Needtobreathe's "Hard Love."
  Lauren has ventured in non-Christian circles before including a few auditions for American Idol.
   "I tried out for American Idol for the first time when I was 17 years-old (in 2010)," she told Hallel.com. "I made it to the end of Hollywood Week and got the big 'NO' on the green mile, the round where you are one on one with the judges to find out if you have made it to the Top 24.

  "I tried out again the next season and did not even make it to Hollywood. The following year (2012), I tried out one more time and made it from the Hollywood rounds to the Las Vegas level, but I was cut after the first round in Las Vegas.
  She was ready to start planning for her future and thinking about college. Then, she received a stunning diagnosis.

  "I was diagnosed with this illness called Cytomegalovirus. Basically, it's an autoimmune deficiency. So I was really susceptible to getting illnesses if I was out of the house, and also I was experiencing extreme fatigue. So basically I would sleep for about fourteen hours a night and then wake up with just enough energy to go to the sofa and lay there all day."
  Her condition was so serious that she wasn't able to attend her southern Louisiana high school for nearly two years, keeping at her studies from home. Yet, in these midst of these frustrating obstacles she never could have foreseen, God reached out to her in a powerful way.
  "The Lord really, really met me in that season, and I don't take that season for granted at all. I'm actually so thankful that I was able to walk through something like that.
  Do I believe that God gave me the illness? No, but the Word says that He works all things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So in that situation He worked out the very best things that could have happened for me.
  Remarkably, it was this season of illness that God really used to confirm the path that Lauren - now a twenty three year old music artist taking contemporary Christian music by storm - was supposed to take.
  "So I started doubting what the Lord had put on my heart from a young age.

"When I was young, the Lord always pressed on me that I wanted to sing! People would ask what I wanted to do when I grow up, and I'd say I wanted to sing!
  But, as I started to get older - I started to think about what makes the most sense, because of the way my surroundings were impacting my mindset. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But it was incredible how the Lord didn't let me fall under, but instead He used that season of being sick to remind me - that was also His purpose and His plan for my life as well.
  He started imparting vision to me during that time. It was amazing because I was laying on the bed, wasn't able to do anything and I would get visions of touring, and tour buses and being on and off stages, and venues, and interviews, and charts. I mean He showed me literally so much of it, and I would lay in bed and say God is this just me dreaming? Am I getting cabin fever, or is this really what you're calling me to?
 And He would assure me, and say, 'No! This is what I have in store!'
  It was beautiful because not only in that time did He awaken a dream in me, but He also didn't allow me to fall under to what the enemy wanted to create in that time - loneliness & depression. God let me see the next season. He didn't allow me to remain stuck in that place. It was really a beautiful time when I started to learn who God was our comforter, who He is as our provider, and also how He was going to restore what the locusts had tried to eat as well."
  Lauren, now based in Atlanta, recently ventured beyond Christian music by writing a song for the No. 1 movie in the country, "Blade Runner 2049."
  Daigle has a song called "Almost Human" on the soundtrack of the science fiction film that is ruling the box office. In a lengthy Facebook post, the American Music Award-nominated singer, who has also been nominated for Grammy Awards, revealed why she decided to work on a project that was not Christian.
  "I'd rather walk into unfamiliar places with purpose than stay safe within the walls of complacency. I never know where the road goes, but I know where it leads," she wrote. "I'm excited for people I've never met to be inspired and to feel a love that transforms all of humanity. I may not have created the score for a film, but Hans Zimmer isn't so bad."

Lauren and the band Switchfoot have also teamed up on the new song titled "I Won't Let You Go."
  "We had the pleasure of bringing our friend Lauren Daigle into the studio to create this new unreleased version of 'I Won't Let You Go.' It was so inspiring to hear her breathe fresh life into one of our favorite songs," shares Switchfoot's Jon Foreman.
  Daigle adds, "This song and lyric meant so much to me. I'm so excited Switchfoot invited me into their studio to sing on this new unreleased version of 'I Won't Let You Go.' I hope it deeply impacts you too."

~  portions from christianpost.com ~

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Jimmy Fallon"
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A Christian Singer Is Bigger Than Drake and Ariana Grande This Week
Lauren Daigle's chart-topping debut highlights the deep endurance of
Christian music in America

~ By Amy X. Wang, Billboard.com ~

   "Paul McCartney easily took the top spot on the Billboard 200 this week when his new album Egypt Station blew past 153,000 equivalent album units - a forceful 147,000 of which were traditional album sales. Eminem's Kamikaze, now two weeks old, slotted in at Number Two with 136,000 units.

  But just under those two, and well ahead of records by Drake, Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, Post Malone, Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj, is a somewhat unexpected record called Look Up Child by 27-year-old Christian singer Lauren Daigle, selling 115,000 units, 103,000 of which are traditional album sales. Granted, the aforementioned musicians' records are a few weeks old while Daigle's is brand new. The might of Look Up Child's release rivals that of other top artists in the past, though: Arcade Fire, for instance, sold 100,000 copies in the first week of its album Everything Now last year, which took it to Number One on the Billboard 200, and Camila Cabello's album Camila came in at 110,000 units upon debut, which also was enough to bring it to Number One that week.
  Look Up Child - which sets the record for biggest Christian music album of 2018, biggest traditional sales frame for any Christian album in nine years and biggest sales week for a Christian female artist in over 20 years - owes part of its big splash to concert/album and merchandise/album bundle sales, but it also sold well in traditional retail stores, according to Nielsen figures.

  You Say skyrocketed to #1 in only its second week on Billboard's Contemporary Christian Music charts.
  Other cuts from the CD have reached the Top 25 as well with Rescue, Look Up Child, This Girl and Still Rolling Stones all making appearances.

  Daigle, whose first album went platinum after its 2015 release, tells Rolling Stone she is "overjoyed" to see the new album debuting high on the charts this week, adding that it's been her dream to share her music with such a broad audience. "I'm inspired to see music continue to cross-pollinate through genres," she says. "I'm incredibly grateful for how well people have connected with Look Up Child."

  The album's success highlights something broader, however: the deep persistence of Christian music in the U.S. audience - an aspect of music consumption that has been largely skipped over by headlines proclaiming rap as the sole driver of modern music in America. While rap and R&B have indeed risen to become the leading genre of music consumption, Christian music remains a sizable minority mass. Solid numbers are hard to come by, but at its annual conference in 2015, the Gospel Music Association reported that 68 percent of Americans had listened to Christian or gospel music within the last 30 days.

  Christian radio stations - which sprung up soon after Christian rock's inception in the late Sixties and have proliferated quietly but steadily ever since - dominate the broadcast landscape, matching country music stations and news stations in size. And as Kelefa Sanneh recently noted in the New Yorker, half of the 20 most popular rock songs of 2017 were by "bands whose members have espoused the Christian faith," even if their music was not overtly marketed as Christian.
   "Faith no longer seems so alien to popular music - ours is an era where plenty of artists, not just religious ones, aim to send inspirational messages," Sanneh observes.

  But the case of Look Up Child is still exceptional, accentuating the degree to which American music fans rally around Christian music, even as other leading genres of the past few decades fizzle out.

~  portions from billboard.com ~

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Lauren Daigle
"You Say"
(from Look Up Child)

Using her smoky-sweet voice, reigning queen of the delta blues Daigle calls you to worship the Lord along with her in humble, heartfelt praise. Her latest offering includes"Turn Your Eyes," "Rebel Heart," "Inevitable," "Losing My Religion," "Rescue," "Remember," "Love Like This," "Your Wings," "Everything," "Still Rolling Stones," "This Girl," and the #1 hit, "You Say,"

Lauren Daigle
(Behold: A Christmas Collection)

Atlanta Dove-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle offers her a charming Christmas collection, Behold. This reverent and jazzy collection draws from the sounds of Lauren's New Orleans upbringing, and includes a selection of timeless Christmas classics alongside original song Light of The World. Deluxe edition includes three additional songs, Winter Wonderland, Away In A Manger, and O Come O Come Emmanuel.

Lauren Daigle
(How Can It Be:
Deluxe Edition)

Sure to be a fan favorite! Combining soulful vulnerability with a passion for God, Dove Award-winning artist Lauren Daigle invites you to draw closer to your Creator in this deluxe edition of her best-selling album. Features the #1 "Trust In You," "First," "Come Alive," and more---plus new songs "Now Is Forever" and "Wordless," and a live recording of the title track. Nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Album.

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