Let's start with a couple of fun-filled questions. For instance, besides your twin brother, Jonathan, is there another recording artist
that you're close to?

  That's a very long list [laugh]. I would probably say William McDowell if I had to give a name.

We know Jason Nelson can sing and we know he can preach from the pulpit. Is there another unspoken, unknown gift that you've got that would surprise us?

  I love these questions. Well, I don't know how many people know that I'm a musician. I do play bass and I've done that for many years. I love basketball, I love playing basketball. I have a pretty good jumper, but you don't want to eat my cooking.

Letís jump into some questions about the album.
I absolutely love the song Forever. It's a bona fide love song to Jesus. You and your wife, Tonya, penned this beautiful song. Was it always intended to be a vertical declaration of love to Jesus? The song could easily be sung
at weddings.

  Yeah. It is written to be a love song. But, one quick correction, it's God's love to us and not from us to God. That was always the intention, but we knew the audience would listen to the song and say this is something that applies to my marriage and to my relationship, but the song wasn't written with that intent.