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 Atlanta's Crowder

By John J. Moser Of The Morning Call

  Christian roots rocker David Crowder says his philosophy is to go through life open to whatever might lie ahead.

  That approach to life, he says, is what led him to, four years ago, abandon his David Crowder Band, which in a decade together had won eight Dove Awards and produced eight Top 5 Christian albums - the last of which, 2012's Give Us Rest, crossed over to No. 2 on Billboard's overall Albums chart.

  It also led him to start a new eponymously named band, whose debut album, 2014's Neon Steeple, topped the Christian chart, broke Billboard's overall Top 10 and gave him a No. 1 Christian hit, Come As You Are.

  And it led him to swerve from that album's successful approach to a more intimate approach on Crowder's sophomore disc, 2016's American Prodigal.

  Nearly two years later, still another hit from the album, All My Hope with Tauren Wells is on Billboard's CCM charts at #3. And Crowder is starting the third leg of the tour for that album, which he cleverly calls American Prodigal 3.0.

  In a recent call from northwest of Charleston, S.C., where he was doing a concert that night, Crowder spoke about the disc and his career since becoming Crowder.

Hi David.

   David is here. David is here. Hey, hey.

[Laughs] How are you?

  I'm doing great, man. How about you?

Just fine, thanks. And thanks for taking out time to do this with me this morning.

  Thank you for including me. We have three one-offs [concerts] this weekend, kind of get our toes back in the water and shake the dust off. And then we start the tour - American Prodigal tour 3.0.

  We're trying to remember how to play and sing right now. These folks are in for a treat tonight; that's all I'm saying. [Laughs] We're trying to do our job.

  So you got us on Day 2, then. By then we'll have the stuff down. Let people know we're gonna be totally professional by then [laughs].

  (The tour makes its way to Atlanta on Mary 4 as part of the Lift event at Crowder's home base, Passion City Church. Appearing with him will be his pastor, Louie Giglio, Passion and Matt Redman.
Crowder will also be part of Passion's annual Good Friday event at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre with Louis Giglio and CeCe Winans)

Well, even if we get a semi-good Crowder,
it'll be good. But I'm hoping for a great Crowder. So ...


So why are you calling the tour 3.0?

   Um, well, it's very simple, and I apologize for my straightforwardness and literal naming, but it's the third time that we're going to go on tour supporting the American Prodigal record that we released about a year and a half ago.

  So the first time we went through it, it was American Prodigal 1.0. I don't know; I'm kinda taking my cues from all the updates that Apple makes me do. And it seems like a real nice organizational-type situation. So this will be the third time out, so we called it The 3.0.

Great. So tell me about the current single,
All My Hope. Where did that come from,
how did it come together? How did you hook up with [singer] Tauren Wells?

  Oh my goodness. Um, well, so the writing process, I wrote the song with [four-time Gospel Music Awards Producer of the Yar] Ed Cash, who's an incredible writer. He's written and participated in a lot of songs that a lot of people would know [including "How Great is Our God," which won five Dove Awards]. I can't name them all; there's too many of them. Amazing dude.

  However, the Tauren Wells thing - we were performing at an awards show, and we were looking for that artist to participate in the moment so it felt like more of a 'we' instead of a 'me' situation, so that it embraced the whole community of what it is to be in a gospel/church community kind of what we're doing. And Tauren was a part of it.

  And, oh my goodness, his personality is what floored me on the front end. Just a super-sweet human. And then when you hear him sing, you're like, 'I quit!' [Laughs] Just to hear this guy ... the guy is unbelievable. You know, and about the time we were recording his portion on the record, I was, like, 'Hey man, I'll be in Nashville such-and-such date. Can you get up there?' He was, like, 'Yeah, I have a break on the Mariah Carey/Lionel Richie tour, I can probably pop in there and record something for you.'

  I was like, 'Oh, my goodness, this is crazy. The guy's out with, like, legends and then he's just going to pop in and sing? Goodness.

  The guy - I don't think he knows anything that's not in pitch. And colorful. It's incredible, amazing. And I said, a brilliant human being. He's a great dude.

Does that signal any type of work that youíre doing? I mean, are you writing any type of disc at this point? Are you looking to do anything else in that vein?

  Well, I'm currently, yes, currently writing for the next record. But it'll be a good while before it comes out - probably not till October-ish. So it's still a ways off, but always working.

  And it's, ahh ... the shape of things develops as it goes. So I can't quite tag what I'd classify the sounds as yet, but I'm just following ... I'm just trying trace thread, follow the thread right now.

All right. So that leads me into the ... I know itís been out for a while now, but I want to talk a little bit about American Prodigal, and where that came from - what were you looking to do with it? Did you do anything different?
Tell me a little bit of the story of the album.

  Absolutely. I usually have just a few key words in my head when I'm kind of trying to write into a project. So I just really had the word 'prodigal' sitting there for a while. And then the 'American' thing to modify it didn't come along till later.

  But the whole point was to continue the story that we started with the first record, [2014's] 'Neon Steeple,' and become more personal expression. For me, 'Neon Steeple' was like a Google map thing for me: zoom out and get a global view of things. And then the 'American Prodigal record, it'ss way more personal. Far more personal pronouns than the first one. Kind of zooming in.

  But the main thematic topic, I believe, would be classified as freedom. It's like a journey toward freedom: There are things that we are bound by, and the just getting through life is kind of difficult down here at times [laughs].

  And to understand that there's something bigger to live for than self. And a lot of the stuff, as I said, that we're bound by - once you let go of it and understand that you're participating in a story, it's a grand story and that you get to be a part of, goodness gracious, the freedom that comes in that is brilliant.
  And that Jesus never started with morality. Every single interaction that he had never started with morality. It started with what you need and how can I give it to you, and from there it gets more interesting. And that's kind of what the record is doing - it's trying to set people free and get over the stuff that binds us. Let the chains go, is kind of the whole point of it.

What was the story behind Run Devil Run?
How did that song come to you?

  Um, that was an afternoon spent with a very good friend that I've known for a long while - his name is Solomon Olds. He was the lead singer of a band [Family Force 5] that I was a huge fan of, and he does a lot of producing and programming.

  And it was him and his wife and me and it came out of nowhere, man. We were just talking about stuff that brings you down and binds you. It's kind of a fist-in-the-air type song. It's kind of defiant in its tone. And it really set me off on the whole journey of the record. It was kind of the first - not kind of, it was, the first song written going into it, and it gave context to the rest of it.

  It's fun - it's a fun track. At the same time, I think when you get to that bridge, it starts claiming some promises that are in scripture that are about coming to life, as I said, in the freedom we're given in light of Jesus.

How surprised [laughs] were you to see that
used on Sunday Night Football?

  [Laughs] Man, I was sitting ... we were actually watching the game on the bus. I can't remember what city we were in, but we were all sitting watching the football game, and all of a sudden it starts going to commercial, and we hear that song playing. And I really said out loud - I was, like, 'Hey, uh, what's that song? I love that song! What's that song?'


  [Laughs] And they're like, 'That's Run Devil Run'! That's your song. You wrote that!' I was like, 'Oh, yeah, yeah. That's cool. My goodness.'

  And then I got a text from my mom right after that [Laughs]. And she said, 'Did you just hear your song on the TV?' And I was, like, 'Absolutely, I just did. I don't know how that happened; that's incredible. Really neat.'

When doing American Prodigal, was there any pressure from the fact that the first album did so well and that you had so much success with it?
I mean, did that affect how you did the second album at all?

  Um, no. Well, thank you for saying what you said. Uh, maybe I was unaware that it did so well [laughs].

  I don't know - I'm just nervous as a person all the time. So I don't think you can add to your nervousness [laughs]. No, I really don't ... I'm just thinking there's so much to say, there's so much to think about in relation to being alive and a human on planet earth and all of the complications that our relationships bring and our experiences of the planet and just being alive.

  There's a lot to think about - like, 'Why? Why are we here?' And then to marry that to my belief that we're here for a purpose and there's something that you can lend - give this little bit of breath that you've been given, you can leverage it to something bigger than self, as I said previously.

  Man, there's so much you can talk about. So I just try to narrow it down and put what I'd like to say right now, given where my life experience has led me to, and here's where I am in this moment, and I hope what I'm saying is authentically representative of what is transpiring in light of what I'm thinking about.

  So I try to box in. What's in that box is definitely not [focusing on] what the record before it just did. [laughs]. Maybe I'd be better at my job if I did think about that, but I'm probably just too simple-minded [laughs].

At this point now, two and a half records out, into the project Crowder, are you satisfied that you made the correct decision, or did you find what you were looking to find, when you left the David Crowder Band behind?

  Well, uh, I didn't leave ... Yes, I guess, would be the short answer of it. I didn't intend to, like, leave that behind for something else other than a transition of life. It's like how life ebbs and flows? It's like a tributary that starts to twist again, and, all of a sudden, it starts cutting a path that you might not have seen coming.

  And I was just open. I was just open, that was the end of the record contract period. We were ... my life and my wife's life were just going in a different direction. And it was, like, 'Hey, let's see what's out there.' And I just kept my hands open.

  And I think that's the best way to go about living [Laughs]. If you keep your hands open, sometimes you have things put in it, and sometimes you have things taken out. And as long as your hands are open, then you're not grabbing onto something too tightly. And you're probably going to be better off for it.

  And so, yes is the short answer. I couldn't be happier than what I'm doing right now, and I'm glad that I just ... I'm glad I still have my hands open, and I'm glad I had my hands open at the time.

Great. That seems like a nice place to wrap it up, and those are the questions I had for you.
Is there anything obvious I didn't ask of that
you'd like to see in my story?

  Um, I don't know if you mentioned how photogenic I am, but I'm very photogenic. I don't know if they've sent you pictures [laughs].

  No, dude, I got no agenda. I'm excited to get up that way. ... Are you gonna be around?

Absolutely. I believe the last time you came through, you played the Winter Jam, and I saw your set there an enjoyed it very much and ...

  Oh, I'm way better. Practiced a lot more since then. We're way better [laughs].

~ from The Morning Call ~ Click Here

Friday, March 30
Good Friday Celebration with Louie Giglio, Passion, Crowder, and CeCe Winans
at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
2200 Encore Pkwy. Alpharetta, GA 30009
7:30pm, 404-733-5013
Join us March 30th for a special Good Friday celebration as we gather together to reflect on the cross and all Jesus has done for us!




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Last Week (6)
Peak Position (3)
Weeks on Chart (38)
"Red Letters"
(from I Know
A Ghost) 

Crowder's diverse signature sound shines on this sixteen song release. His highly anticipated third solo album shows continued growth as a musician and songwriter, offering heart-swelling anthems of worship and devotion. I Know A Ghost includes the soaring power-ballad Red Letters and bayou-bounce jam Wildfire, plus Crushing Snakes, (ft. Taya) Happy Day, La Luz, (ft. Social Club Misfits) and more.

(American Prodigal: 
Deluxe Edition)

Since his debut with the David Crowder Band, the native Texan and current Atlantan has set the bar for progressive, forward-thinking church music, with a servant's heart and poet's pen. This 2016 release returns Crowder to his roots-and-rock origins with a set of thought-provoking, worshipful original songs. American Prodigal includes the singles "All My Hope" with Tauren Wells, "Run Devil Run" and "My Victory" plus "Forgiven," "Promised Land (Glory, Hallelujah)," "All You Burdens," and others. Deluxe edition includes three bonus songs, "Praise The Lord," "Great Rejoicing," and "American I/O."
2017 Grammy Nominee:
Best CCM Album

(Neon Steeple)
Deluxe Edition

Crowder is back! The Dove Award-winning musician offers a bold new combination of acoustic sounds and electronic beats known as "folktronica" that's sure to grab your attention and speak to your heart---including "My Beloved," "Come Alive," "Come As You Are," "Hands of Love," "Jesus Is Calling," "This I Know," "Ain't No Grave," his chart-topping hit singles "I Am," and "Lift Your Head."

Passion featuring Brett Youker, Melodie Malone, David Crowder & Kristian Stanfill
Tide Is Rising)

Join David Crowder, Christy Nockels, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and others for the 2016 Passion conference album. Salvation's Tide Is Rising overflows with new music and powerful worship standards, including "My Victory," "Your Grace Amazes Me," "Good Good Father," and more

David Crowder Band
(All This for a King: The Essential Collection)

From their 2002 major label debut Can You Hear Us? through 2012's exceptional Give Us Rest, The David Crowder Band has continuously provided the church with though provoking, spiritually satisfying, soncially adventurous music for worship and contemplation. All This For A King: The Essential Collection gathers ten time-tested DCB favorites, three mold-breaking remixes, and a brand new song ("This I Know")

David Crowder Band
(A Collision Or
(3 + 4 = 7))

The third full length studio album from the David Crowder Band once again offers their unique brand of rockin' acoustic worship, laced with vertical lyrics and positive attitude. A Collision includes "Foreerandever, Etc., "Come and Listen", "Be Lifted", "Rescue", "Here Is Our King", and others.

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