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Golden Girl;
Britt Nicole Does It Again

See Britt Nicole acoustic live  "Gold" Video - Click Here

   By Caroline Lusk - CCM Magazine

  “Golden girl” has been used to describe just about every successful female in pop culture from time to time. But for Britt Nicole, it just might be the only term appropriate. After four years of reigning the radio waves, the pop powerhouse has proven over and over her knack for catchy tunes, unrelenting vocals and an immovable place in CCM present and future. With her latest album, she’s cemented her status at the top. Seamless production, beats, riffs and songs that hold up against any contemporaries—Christian or secular—all combine for a record that doesn’t require sales to certify it pure gold.

  CCM recently sat down with Britt to hear about the girl in the midst of this rise to the top…and what it is that drives her there over and over.

  CCM: How did the idea of “Gold” come about for this record?

  Britt Nicole: We were sitting in the studio one day working on the song and we were talking about our worth to God. I’m always meeting different people and telling them that God has a plan for them and how beautiful they are. Sometimes it’s hard for me to receive that and remember who I am. There are days you’re tired and weary and you don’t look in the mirror and say, “Wow, I’m awesome.” But the truth is you are worth more than gold.

  CCM: You hear that phrase a lot—‘worth more than gold.’ What does it mean to you?

  BN: You are the apple of God’s eye. We need to know who God says we are and we do that by going to the word and reading different things about a royal priest hood and a holy nation. We are fearfully made. Important to know who we are in God and walk in that confidence. Not arrogance…but knowing that this is who God says I am. This is the truth. I am worth more than Gold to Him.

  CCM: So did you write the entire record with this one theme in mind?

  BN: Never go to a record with a theme. I want to write honest songs that connect with people regardless. I want to put my heart on paper. I want people to see that. Sometimes it’s difficult…to have confidence, but I just really feel like people connect with honest songs, either from a personal experience or a friend/family member. All the songs are really personal. If it’s something I ‘m working through, there’s gotta be someone else… That’s really what’s important to me. Trusting that God will bring something good from it…

  CCM: What are some of your favorite moments on the record?

  BN: There’s a really cool song behind “For the first time.” I went to Florida this summer to visit my brother, who’s a preacher. I had never really been baptized and when we were there on the beach, I felt like I should have my brother baptize me right there in the ocean. I just remember coming up from the water and feeling like literally a fog had been wiped away. That song talks about seeing for the first time and wanting more of Him…

  ‘Ready or Not’ and working with Lecrae…I was talking to his team for a while about collaboration. When we wrote it, we were like, ‘Lecrae is perfect for this…’ We didn’t actually work together in the studio, but we talked on the phone. We let him write the rap… We told him to write whatever he wanted. He actually recorded it in Atlanta and sent it back to us. We loved it!
  I love his passion for God. His boldness… I just look up to him.
  I am humbled that he’s a part of the record.

  I love ‘Breakthrough.’ It’s really fun to sing and has a really cool dance vibe. I felt like when I was singing it, I was really doing what the song says… Breaking through anything I’ve held on to in the past. I wanted to put everything out there. God has a plan for your life. It’s about not letting anything hold you back…coming out on the other side. We were made for more—to fly, and to be and do those things. I feel like I’m coming into that in music and life.

  CCM: So what has held you back before?

  BN: Fear of so many things… A lot of times in life I don’t know what’s around the corner and it’s safer here… I do know God is with me, but to step out and trust that He is there has been a walk of faith. I don’t know what’s around the corner, but God knows. I know that He’s given me a promise that He’s going to be there. I remember God speaking that to me. That He would bring every dream in my heart to pass… And I’m learning to walk in that and not be afraid of what’s next.

  CCM: Is this a different way of living life for you?

  BN: This is a new season for me. In the past I’ve walked through a lot. My parents divorced when I was a little girl and these different things that I’ve walked through taught me to walk really carefully. I feel like I’m in a new season. I just learned that I can decide to walk in faith. I feel like with that there are a lot of new, exciting things…opportunities I feel like I can say yes to now. And I’m really seeing Him fulfill the promises. I used to read CCM magazine, thinking, ‘One day…’ And this is so cool. I’ve dreamed some sweet dreams. God is showing Himself to be faithful. I just feel really at peace and thankful.

  CCM: Does any of this—the industry, the travel—ever wear on you? Does it ever get old? Or is it still your dream…?

  BN: It never gets old. It’s hard work. I feel like it’s getting more fun. As I do it more and more, I’m easing into it and being more comfortable with what I do. I get nervous every night I walk on stage, but I’m learning more to just be myself. Ready or not… It’s not about trying to please everyone you come into contact with. As I’ve grown as an artist and a person, I’ve become more comfortable in my skin. I don’t have to prove anything. The fact that I get to walk out on stage and see a bunch of my friends—it’s a blast… But mainly to be able to minister to people…I get to help people. Through God’s love, I get to hug people and show them that they are loved.

From CCM.com -  Click Here

See Britt Nicole acoustic live  "All This Time" Video - Click Here

  In penning the eponymous single for her third album Gold, Britt Nicole drew inspiration from some of the deeply devoted fans she’s amassed over the years.
  “I’d gotten lots of letters telling me, ‘I’m struggling, I’m being bullied, I don’t feel like I fit in,'" says the newest pop singer/songwriter signed to Capitol Records. To reach out to her followers—and send a potent yet joyful message of self-worth to her fans-Britt created the song “Gold,” a slick and shimmering self-empowerment anthem that pairs emotionally charged lyrics with an instantly catchy melody. Now a fan favorite that prompted countless concert-goers to turn up wearing “Gold”-referencing crowns on her recent headlining tour, the song marks a significant next step for Britt and signals her emergence as a pop phenom of uncommon substance and soul.

 “When I write songs, I just write whatever’s in my heart,” says Britt, who co-wrote each of the album’s tracks. But while she didn’t intentionally push her Capitol Records album Gold (currently #17 on Billboard's Contemporary Christian music charts) into a more pop direction than her sophomore effort The Lost Get Found (a 2009 release that debuted on the Top 100 Billboard Chart), she did realize early on that its highly danceable, hook-laced songs would likely have a broad appeal.
  “A lot of times I’m writing about what I’m personally going through,” she says, “and if I’m facing these sorts of things, then there’s got to be other people dealing with them too.”

  Produced by Britt’s longtime collaborator Dan Muckala along with producers Chris Stevens, David Garcia and Josh Crosby, Gold merges her passionately thoughtful lyrics with infectious beats and soaring melodies.
  Also showcasing her masterful vocals and remarkable range, Gold has no shortage of songs that match the tender intensity of its title track. The sweeping, slow-building “All This Time,” for instance, recounts Britt’s struggle to overcome the pain of her parents’ divorce, while “Stand” blends high-powered beats with sweetly inspirational lyrics about rediscovering your strength.
  On “Ready or Not” (an ode to self-expression and “just bringing love to people and not holding back who I am,” according to Britt), sunny acoustic strumming gets elegantly layered over stomping rhythms and in-your-face electro effects. And with its throbbing groove, sleek synth, and celebratory lyrics, “Amazing Life” fast proves to be a dance-pop powerhouse.

  Whether delivering a soulful ballad or a beat-soaked dance track, Britt strikes a stunning balance between vulnerability and self-assurance all throughout Gold. Not only evidence of her gift for crafting intensely relatable lyrics, that emotional complexity is a testament to her strength and honesty as a songwriter.
  “I write songs to myself, and it’s always great to see them connect with other people who need to be reminded that worth doesn’t come from having all the right things or from success—it’s about being who you are,” she says.

  For Britt, the journey to her own success began as a child growing up in Salisbury, North Carolina singing in the church choir for nearly her entire life. After high school Britt chose to forgo college in favor of dedicating herself to her music full-time. She released a pair of independent records in the two years following high school and then—at age 19—moved to Nashville to further pursue her singing/songwriting career. Soon after arriving in Nashville and showcasing her early collection of pop songs, Britt landed a record deal and ended up releasing her debut album Say It for EMI by the time she was 21.

  With her career continuing to flourish over the last few years, Britt has made a point of maintaining a close connection to her beloved supporters.
  “After shows I always go and hang out with my fans, talk to them and get to know them,” she says. “I try to take as much time as I can with them, people really want to share their stories.” Noting that her fans “know they can be honest with me because I’m honest with them,” Britt points out that those stories also play a key part in helping to shape songs like “Gold.”
  “A lot of girls come up to me with their heads down, and I can just tell that they’re feeling broken,” she says. “I love that they can come into the show feeling one way, and then leave feeling like there’s hope.”

   To foster that feeling of hope on a grander scale, Britt has extended the self-esteem-raising sentiment behind “Gold” to the song’s powerful video. Featuring a cast of characters dealing with issues common among today’s teens (such as eating disorders and self-mutilation), the “Gold” video aims to uplift and inspire.  While many have made the connection of “Gold” as an anti-bullying theme, Britt is intent on not focusing on the bullies. 
  “There are probably always going to be people who feel the need to hurt someone else because of their own insecurity,” acknowledges Britt. “But the message of “Gold” is to remind those kids that are struggling that no matter what they have been told they are worth so much more than the words of another. Once you know that, no one can ever steal your shine.” she says of the intent behind “Gold.”

  As she reaches an ever-widening audience, Britt aspires to stay focused on creating music that’s both genuine and empowering.
  “Whether it’s pop or rock or hip-hop, what moves me most is music that’s passionate, real and comes from artists who really believe in what they’re putting out into the world,” says Britt, who is inspired not only by their hit songs but by the authenticity of artists like Adele, Mary J. Blige, Taylor Swift and Coldplay.
  “And with a song like ‘Gold,’ I’m putting out a message that everyone needs to hear, regardless of where they’re coming from. It’s about knowing that you’re loved, that you’re worth something. It’s a message of hope.”

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Britt Nicole

Retail Price: $9.99
CBD Price: $8.99
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Britt Nicole
"The Lost Get Found"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
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Britt Nicole
"Say It"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00

(Save 29%)

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